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Road Warriors

iXpand with Thunderbolt

iXpand Flash Drive for iPad / iPhone

The iXpand is the latest in a long line of attempts to help iOS users extend the memory capacity of their iPhones and iPads. It is a portable flash drive that comes in capacities from 32GB up to … READ MORE

narrative clip

The Narrative Clip – Mass Surveillance gets Personal

If you felt left out because your police force has a life camera in their squad cars, but you don't - well, now you can go one better. The Narrative Clip is a tiny camera that you can secure to the … READ MORE


Best iPad Air case with Keyboard – Belkin vs Logitech vs Zagg [REVIEW]

I am a keyboard junky when it comes to my iPad. Every time I get a new iPad, I buy a slew of keyboards to go with it. The reason being, I am very particular and finicky. Here’s what I look … READ MORE


Geolocation Jailbreak – Setting up a Cisco RV-180 router to fool Netflix

I've been a fan of Overplay for some time. By using their VPN service, I can make my laptop or Tablet appear to be anywhere in the world that I want to be, so I can get around geolocation restrictions … READ MORE


External iPad Hard Drives – Airstash vs. iUSBPort

[UPDATE: Feb 18, 2014] This is not a bad device, but it has some kinks. The first is that the iPad doesn't always connect to it right away. It's best to use the iOS App from the manufacturer to … READ MORE

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AirBnB – My First Adventure

I have been going to San Francisco a lot recently and have been very surprised by the outrageous rates of the hotels, there. It seems that there's always a conference in town, during which the rates … READ MORE


The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I was in Kuala Lumpur on business for a week and thought it would be worth trying a new hotel. I had stayed at the Mandarin Oriental before and, while I liked it's location (right next to the Petronas … READ MORE

The Bollinger Maison 2

Distinctively, exceptionally, inimitably Bollinger

Mrs W falls head over heels for the grande dame that's a true fine wine lover's champagne. Quietly interwoven into the sleepy village of Ay, sits one of the last great independent champagne houses. … READ MORE

Mesotherapy – Myth or Panacea?

Article Summary Mrs W tries out a mesotherapy for the face treatment and gives her thorough and honest review. … READ MORE

The Best Masseuse in London

Article Summary Mrs W has had countless massages in every conceivable style from all around the world. Nevertheless, she finds one of the world's best masseuses right in the heart of London and able … READ MORE

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Urban Diaries

Ski Boots that fit like a glove

I’ve been skiing since I was about three years old, but always used rental ski boots. It never occurred to me that the choice between my own boots and a rental pair would be anything but comfort – as opposed to performance. Also, I’m skiing less-and-less over the years, so it didn’t seem to make […]

Mass Extinction

I attended a cocktail reception at the Belgravia gallery, as it showcased the recent work of Susan Swartz. She is very committed to protecting the environment – not only through her own art but, also, through the work she does for charity. In addition, she and her husband (a founding partner of Accel Partners, Jim […]

Fresh ‘Frozen’ Seafood at Barbarossa, Bodrum

The Barbarossa restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey, has a fantastic seafood display next to its fresh lobster tanks. You cannot help but pass it on your way into the restaurant. On a fresh bed of ice, you will find sea bass and other local fish, in addition to various crustaceans.
However, as I […]

Wedgwood the Pioneer

I was listening to a speech made by Sir Howard Stringer at Lancaster House – which, by the way, is a stunning piece of property. In his speech he spoke of Josiah Wedgwood, who is famous for creating the porcelain wares company.
He described Wedgwood as the quitessential British entrepreneur. He was an artist and a […]

Luxury Golf & Beach Resort – Val Do Lobo

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The iXpand is the latest in a long line of attempts to help iOS users extend the memory capacity of their iPhones and iPads. It is a portable flash drive that comes in capacities from 32GB up to 128GB. It comes with both a USB port (to transfer files from a PC and charge the […]