StickNFind – Never Lose Anything (or, Anyone) Ever Again

I flew to China once and found that my luggage had not flown with me. It took a couple of hours, though, to come to this realisation - since the airline wasn't very helpful. After losing a few more bags in transit on other trips, I began to wonder when the day would come when I would be able to determine if, indeed, my bag had made it to my destination with me. Well, that day … [Read more...]

Rambler Socket Designs by Meysam Movahedi

It may simply be a proof-of-concept prototype but the rambler socket is full of great ideas. True, you might have questions about health & safety - namely, fire regulations - and the like. Not to mention, what happens if such a unit were to break down. But, let's not let reality get in the way of a good idea. Honestly, wall sockets, extension cables and power leads could … [Read more...]

HD TV over CAT5 – The Saga Continues

When I renovated my house, I put oodles of CAT6 cabling throughout. I figured that - at some point in the future - everything would be run over CAT6. Not only audio-visual data... I even saw PoE (Power over Ethernet) lamps and light fixtures in development. My first pet project was to get High-Definition all over the house on CAT6. The reason being that I wanted to … [Read more...]

Octava HDMI + IR HDMI over CAT 5/6 Extender [REVIEW]

The problem with writing reviews about products you love is that you can jinx them. At least that's what I discovered after covering the CYP Puma PU-106/107. I had used a pair of these to run HDMI video over a single CAT6 cable. However, after six weeks they died on me. I bought the CYP 108 and, then, after a couple of months, it died on me, too. So, suffice to say, I think … [Read more...]

RF Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad from SMK-Link

Despite the market flooding of headless servers, media servers and assorted devices to entertain you via your large, flat screen televisions... good wireless keyboards are few and far between. Here's a new wireless keyboard from SMK-Link that provides a good balance between size and functionality. First off, it's diminutive. For some, perhaps too much so but at 5 x 4 inches … [Read more...]

Airplay Speaker – Loewe AirSpeaker

If you are an iPhone/iPad user, you are probably already familiar with AirPlay and its ability to stream audio/video content from any of your Apple devices to other AirPlay devices. For instance, send video from your phone, laptop or iPad to your AirPlay compatible television, or any television with an AppleTV device attached to it. Several manufacturers have already put out … [Read more...]

Elliptical Bicycles – Take you gym on the road

Cycling gets Elliptical There's something stately about striding a bicycle and taking a leisurely ride through the city. But only with the handlebars up high. Crouching down like a beetle arched for coitous is hardly flattering, which is why I do not enjoy racing cycles. But, lately, I've seen a range of cycles that use different forms of locomotion. The … [Read more...]

Netgear N600 Router – Personal Cloud Server

It's been a long time since Netgear updated their home router products (over a year, in fact) - probably due in large part to the success of the WNDR3700, which proved to be a reliable product. However, the wireless router n market has become overheated and you've probably noticed that wherever you go, you find lots of available WiFi networks to connect to. All of these WiFi … [Read more...]

FireText Smoke Alarm – Sends SMS Alerts if your house is burning

It's a very simple but clever idea. This fire/smoke alarm has a quad-band GSM chip to allow it to send SMS alerts to your phone whenever it detects smoke. Great for the Smart Home. Considering how glued we are to our mobile phones, this is a useful feature. I would like to know if there was a fire in my house, even if I'm not there to hear the ear-splitting scream of the … [Read more...]

Baby Monitor with Infinite Range – Evoz

Evoz advertises itself as service that allows you to stay connected to your baby wherever you are on the globe. It makes me picture a pair of jetsetting parents globetrotting in style, while the baby is left behind. Well, perhaps that's not what they intended. But the point really is... that the Evoz has infinite and unlimited range. How? Because it uses two iOS devices to … [Read more...]

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