Aquapac Noatak Wet & Dry Bag – separate your sweaters and those mouldy sandwiches

You've probably been on picnics, or hikes, where the weather doesn't cooperate and you're left scrambling to collect leftovers in the rain. Then, you have to hump everything home. When you get back - you find that there are bits of cake in your clothes, salad in your socks and your pullover is soaked in wine. Noatak believes it has a better way of rapid packing stuff that is … [Read more...]

Exuvius Titanium Multi Tool Collar Stay – Gadgetman Cometh

If you're the type of person who hates wasting an opportunity to transform your apparel into functional gadget-wear, then here's something you might be interested in. You know those things that go in your shirt collar to keep them stiff - collar stays? Well, why not swap those flimsy plastic ones for a titanium pair? Then, while you're at it, use a pair that can actually be … [Read more...]

Negative Ions Between the Sheets – Goodnighties Night Wear

Belinda is a fashionista (that ISN'T HER in the photo by the way!) She always has cutting edge couture and accessories in tow. I wouldn't say she's a slave to fashion, though. She prefers the 'classics' to what happens to be 'in the moment'. For example, her Kelly Birkin - which she never leaves home without. Although, she does have it in many colours, sizes and materials. … [Read more...]

Fashion Technology – WiFi Cufflinks

At $250 USD, this just goes to show that fashion technology doesn't come cheap. Nevertheless, for those of you who like to travel extremely light, this might be of some use to you. In any case, it certainly is a conversation piece and quite literally turns your body into a 'hotspot' for others to share… in a slightly different way than a one-night stand. One of the cufflinks … [Read more...]

Got Crotch-Rot? Get Give-n-Go!

17 COUNTRIES. 6 WEEKS. ONE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR. That's the manufacturer's tagline above, not mine. The only time I can recall breaking records when it comes to wearing the same pair of underpants was when I went camping as a teenager. I managed to go for 10 days in a row. I can't tell you what it was like peeling them off at the end. Imagine opening an air-lock on a mummified … [Read more...]

Blister Free Socks Guaranteed – the Wright Sock

The Wright Sock Rather than buying hiking sock liners, why not get a double layer sock that is blister free? The Wright Sock are blister free socks - guaranteed by the company - that come in a variety of types for different applications. There are hiking socks, running socks, walking socks - in different colours, thicknesses and materials - to suit different … [Read more...]

Anti-Fart Pants from Shreddies

I thought I'd seen everything but this proves just how wrong I am. Shreddies has a line of flatulence filtering underwear. Imagine that! Their ad campaigns are amusing, it must be said. How necessary these pants are in your life should be a concern. Here's what they actually look like: At least they LOOK normally. What do they feel like? Like having a hoover … [Read more...]

Genocide for the Germophobe – Kill stuff with UV Wands & Portable UV Sanitizers

UV Sanitizers are used in industrial settings - like research labs, factories and hospitals - in order to kill off germs, viruses and bacteria. The UV light bulbs radiate ultraviolet light that destroys their DNA. A number of manufacturers have hit upon the bright idea of putting this technology into a compact, ultraportable form factor - UV Wands. You might want to buy … [Read more...]

Reefs Flip Flops – Sandals with Bottle Opener

Here's a pair of sandals that would make Inspector Gadget proud. You bought a six-pack to kick back and watch the sunset. Argh - but it's imported beer with non-twist, bottle caps. "No problem," Says your friend - taking off one of his flip flops and prying off the bottle cap with it. Classy. For the sake of applauding innovation, let's not ponder for a moment on how … [Read more...]

Pillow Tie

You may have heard about those Japanese "Chindogu" - wonderfully weird inventions that life can easily do without, yet you can't help admire the ingenuity of making them into an actual product. This could be the Western version of Chindogu - a pillow tie. Judging from the photo, there is a tube concealed in the back that you can use to inflate the end of the tie. Then, … [Read more...]

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