HD Video Scuba Mask

I went on a shark dive in the Bahamas, once. It was a thoroughly creepy, but exhilarating experience. There were about five of us amongst twenty or so sharks, and the sharks were much more curious than I would have liked. It was then that I realised that I didn't have a camera. What if someone got attacked? I'd have no way of getting it on video. That could totally boost my … [Read more...]

Waterproof, Shockproof, Freezeproof Compact Camera – Olympus TG-1

You might think twice about purchasing a rugged camera, until you have dropped your existing one into a swimming pool, or spilled drinks on it, or spent a day with it at the beach. Even everyday use can be rough. In the past, there were compromises when it came to ruggedness: weight, size, and features. But, now you don't have to "settle" for second-rate to get all the bells … [Read more...]

Turn your SLR into an Underwater Camera – Aquapac Camera Case

The Aquapac SLR Camera Case will allow you to take your camera into wet/rainy/sandy conditions - even underwater - to get the golden shot (or video, as the case may be). … [Read more...]

Opteka Video Camera Stabilizer

You upgraded your compact camera to a full SLR and thought you were so cool. Yes, your still photos looked even more awesome with those professional lenses. But your videos look like they were taken by someone with cerebral palsy. Not to mention that it's really hard to keep things in focus when you're moving around capturing video of your cat in motion. You miss your … [Read more...]

Swivl Virtual Camerman for iPhone and Flip – follows your every move

Now, this is truly a breakthrough product. You don't know that you want it but you will! It won't be for everyone but for those who need to film themselves and don't have a pair of extra hands, this is a handy tool. First, you dock your iPhone into the Swivl mount, then pop the wireless marker into your pocket. Then, no matter where you go, the Swivl will pivot 360 … [Read more...]

Airstash – WiFi Flash Memory Stick Targets iPad

[UPDATE: This article was modified on April 12, 2012 to correct some errors after we received and tested our own AirStash] [also, check out our post on the iUSBPort and how it compares to the Airstash] Given that Apple refuses to allow users to easily attach flash memory to upgrade the storage capacity of its products, there have been many work-arounds. For example, the … [Read more...]

Photomojo iPhone SLR Lens Mount

Okay, now this is guaranteed to make you look like a dork. Nevertheless, you'll have the best pics from the party. According to PhotoMojo - the manufacturer - their iPhone SLR mount accepts both Canon EOS and Nikon SLR lenses and by using a special iPhone sleeve, connects them to your iPhone 4. The focus will be manual, so you'll need to be able to look at your iPhone … [Read more...]

GoPano 360 Degree Video Recording for iPhone

The GoPano is essentially a curved mirror that clips onto your iPhone lens in order to shoot 360 panoramic video. What? How does that work? Well, the magic takes place within the GoPano iPhone App which converts the video you shot into something that you can watch later. What you'll see when you start your video clip is a single viewpoint but drag your mouse around the … [Read more...]

Optrix iPhone POV Water Resistant Mount

If you like shooting POV during extreme sports (and I can hear the porno industry giving a collective orgasmic sigh of relief), then this is the mount for you. Water resistant and vibration stabilising, this mount sticks to most surfaces with adhesive tape (supplied). Just don't try sticking it to your private parts, though. There are two mounting 'sleds' - one for iPhone … [Read more...]

Snap on Lenses for iPhone

The iPhone's built-in camera isn't bad. Certainly, it's very useful for capturing events on the spur-of-the-moment. But the more you use it, the more you wish it could do. Zooming, cropping, framing in-camera isn't as easy as it could be. However, this trio of lenses - fish-eye, telephoto and macro - make up for the iPhone's deficiency. Ingeniously crafted, they are … [Read more...]

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