Surround Sound for your iPad / iPhone – SRS iWow 3D Adaptor [REVIEW]

I watch a lot of movies on my iPad and I take audio quality pretty seriously - more seriously than most - so I was intrigued when I came across the SRS iWow 3D and SRS iWow adapters for iPad, iPod and iPhone from SRS Labs. They claim to give you 3D surround sound on your iDevice over headphones, speakers or in your car. The SRS Labs solution is basically a small device that … [Read more...]

Time Keeps on Knitting into the Future

There are lots of analogies for the passage of time, yet the depiction of time passing - in clocks, watches and sundials - has, for obvious reasons, been based on numerals. It's much easier for everyone to relate to 1 o'clock than, say, half a sleeve. Nertheless, designer Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has concocted a very analogue clock that captures the passage of time by … [Read more...]


It seems to be the year of kooky and clever umbrellas. We've already posted about the bluntbrella, nubrella and now - on the pracfantasy edge of the spectrum - the Fanbrella. As the name suggests, it has a fan inside just under the canopy. It doesn't look very big but, hopefully, provides relief to people sweltering in the humid hot sun of places in Japan, China and South … [Read more...]

Jeon Associates iPod Dock – Sculptured Sound

Here's a way to make a big statement with your home stereo. The Horn iPod speaker stand, designed by Korean architect Shi-hyung Jeon from Jeon Associates, proudly stands four feet high and provides both a nice dock for your iPod, while concealing an amplified speaker system.   Is it audio equipment or sculpture? It's hard to hide big speakers. You can put them in … [Read more...]

Home is where the Heart is

Cool Hunting has some cool images from a collection of decorative objects by Tania da Cruz. I love the heart wall-lamp. I wouldn't have thought that internal organs would make great house ornaments... but this proves me wrong. The wire covering vine leaf motif is a great way to be discreet. Nests of wiring is often referred to as spaghetti. Perhaps they can be made … [Read more...]

Yike Bike – Electric Folding Bicycle

The Yike Bike is an innovative and revolutionary design. It's small, light-weight and ultraportable. You ride it sitting straight up and it folds in 15 seconds to one of the smallest footprints available. Travel Technology AND Travel Intelligence. The inventor, Grant Ryan, is quite the serial entrepreneur. It's no small feat to re-engineer a bicycle - something that's been … [Read more...]

Invisible (nearly) Speakers for the Discerning Audiophile

Good speakers tend to be bulky. Electrostatic ones remove the box but not for space-saving reasons. NXT speakers are perfectly flat, which makes them easy to conceal - but to the detriment of their acoustic ability. Ferguson Hill, on the other hand, have taken a different approach by crafting high-quality horns from clear acrylic. What this means is that they look like … [Read more...]

Electrolux Design Lab – glimpse of the future for Urban Man

Electrolux Design Lab demonstrated a great line-up of future concepts for capsule apartments at their booth at the 100% Design London event this year, featuring industrial design concepts for space age capsule living in small spaces. Most of the future concepts are for kitchen and laundry appliances. None are available on the market - yet, at least - but they provide a … [Read more...]

Design Skin multifunctional furniture for children

Korean designer Design Skin has risen to the urban design challenge of making kids furniture for small spaces by developing a line of modular, component-based multifunctional furniture for children. What's great about this children's furniture is that it can double up as both an activity gym, as well as regular furniture for bedrooms and communal areas. Cubes, mats, balls … [Read more...]

PropellerJack Sculpture Hanger

Even though Mommie Dearest says, "No wire hangers!" ┬áSurely, she wasn't speaking about this intriguing piece of hanger sculpture from Mossa - the PropellerJack. Several levers can be rotated around its axis (like a propeller!) to accommodate all kinds of stuff - clothing, equipment... you name it. Perfect for small spaces and capsule apartments. The magnetic version is … [Read more...]

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