Retina MacBook Pro Dents and Scratches Easily

I received my new Retina MacBook Pro last month. I couldn't wait. It was all sup'd- up with a 750GB internal Flash drive, the highest clocked processor and the biggest RAM install I could get.

When it came, it didn't disappoint.

Until, I noticed the first dent. Then, another. And, another.

It seems that the aluminium shell isn't very tough - despite how it looks. I don't know how I scratched and dented mine - only that they appeared within days of using the laptop. I suspect that it's edges are too sharp and, therefore, extremely susceptible to being shaved off by anything they come in contact with - like tabletops and other assorted objects that it can knock against.

I searched around for some (inexpensive) way of protecting it. There were a number of sticker/decal solutions, which didn't sound particularly long-lasting. I was hoping to find a nice clear, gel suit to go around it. No such luck.

While I was searching, I noticed that I was not the only one with tales of woe. Many people were denting and scratching their MacBook Pro, too. Mysteriously, they didn't know how these blemishes came about either.

In the end, I went with the i-blazon Shell Case. It cost me $30 on Amazon Prime and arrived the next day.

I am extremely glad with this purchase. It's an ultra thin, matte black finish shell that comes in two pieces. One, slips over the top of the MacBook - the other, on the bottom.

It's very snug and doesn't add any noticeable weight or bulk. It's cut just right in order to allow all my ports to peek out, so I can access them.

As for the MacBook Pro itself... well, I'm still very happy with it. It's much faster than my MacBook Air ever was - and, even faster than my Quad-core desktop. Most of my applications look fantastic on the Retina display with one or two exceptions. Looking at a regular display afterwards does, well, look a bit fuzzy... so, it's going to be an upgrade that may start to irritate you until you upgrade your iPad to the 3rd version... and all your other non-Retina equipment!

I also bought a Buffalo 1TB Thunderbolt drive. I can't say that the difference in speed is blazing - except watching Blu-Ray movies from it. However, Time Machine is much happier for it. Now, my machine backs up very quickly.

Where to Buy:

BUY i-Blason Matte Shell for Retina MacBook Air from Amazon USA

Plug Bug 2-in-1 Charger Gadget for iPad/Macbook [REVIEW]

Plug Bug

You are probably already aware that MacBook power adapters have detachable plugs. For instance, when you are travelling the world, you can use the worldwide adapter kit to slide on different plugs to fit different wall sockets.

The Plug Bug takes advantage of this to slide onto the top of your MacBook adapter in order to give you a pair of foldable US power prongs AND a 10 watt USB output for recharging your gear.

What's the big deal?

10 watts is what you need for a fast recharge of the iPad. That's the big deal. Otherwise this USB port will charge all your other devices in the standard way.

The Skinny

It's well made. Durable. And RED.

It comes in two pieces, one of which is like a cover. This is strange, because you don't need this second 'cover' piece and you're probably going to lose it.

This is a great space-saver. I like it very much.

Plug bug cap


I would love it even more if it had TWO USB outputs instead of one, so I could recharge my MacBook, iPad AND iPhone all at the same timeā€¦ but this could be version 2.0.

If you persevere Guy Kawasaki's shameless intro, you can see the product in action in this video:

Where to Buy

Buy from Amazon USA

Buy direct from TwelveSouth

Second Skin for your Scratch-tastic MacBook Air

Power Support's Air Jacket for the MacBook Air

Now that you've got yourself a shiny new MacBook Air, you're going to start fussing over it like an old hen - especially, when it comes to scratching. That aluminium body just loves to get lacerated everywhere it goes. And Jobs and Co just don't seem to be particularly fussed when it comes to wear-and-tear. They'd rather produce something that looks amazing when it's pristine but don't care too much how it looks six months down the line. This is why there's such a frothy trade in screen protectors, cases and shock absorbers for all their iEquipment.

I speak from experience. Mine looks like it's been used as a skateboard. The keyboard is covered in finger oil and the unibody looks like a cheese grater. Still, I wouldn't go anywhere without it.

So, what are you going to do about it?

The Clear Air Jacket from Power Support gives your MacBook Air a second skin. Oh, yessiree Bob. It covers the laptop from head-to-toe in clear plastic, so you can still see that chewed Apple shining through.

Not quite sure why they took a bite out of their Apple, either. Is this a slight nod to, "The Fall of Man"? Eve has given us a new shiny gadget... and therein began the downfall of geeks everywhere...

Anyways, I digress. You can slip your MacBook Air into something more comfortable and utterly see-through. Nice, no? Oh, baby, you're looking so good tonight. I can't wait to see your spreadsheet!

Goodnight and God Bless.

Freitag Macbook Air Sleeve [REVIEW]

Freitag MacBook Air Sleeve
I'm a big fan of the Freitag products. They are eco-friendly, hard-wearing and their distressed look carries cachet for the ubercool Urban Nomad.

I paid homage to the brand at a recent visit to Zurich by popping into their flagship store. Rows upon rows of portable bag candy... I was in heaven.

After spending far too long browsing, I went for this yellow Freitag Macbook Air Sleeve - as usual, made from recycled truck tarpaulin PVC. I love the way that it resembles a corporate internal memo document, complete with windaround clasps. It is slightly padded, too, so your MacBook is protected.

Not long after, I upgraded my MacBook Air to the latest version. Thankfully, it still fits in the sleeve, albeit a bit more snug than before. I'm using the 13" version of the MacAir, so it should fit the 11" version, too.
Here's a video of what it looks like in action:

[flickr video=5692436823]

Freitag MacBook Air sleeve video

It's not as stylish as some of their other products but it has a sense of humour. I am not giving it a '5' for usability, because winding the cable around to seal the flaps is a fun flourish but not necessary, because there is a velcro seal to hold down the flap anyway. This affectation can sometimes take time to wind and unwind, becoming slightly annoying over time.

Where to Buy:
Freitag Direct
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