Retina MacBook Pro Dents and Scratches Easily

I received my new Retina MacBook Pro last month. I couldn't wait. It was all sup'd- up with a 750GB internal Flash drive, the highest clocked processor and the biggest RAM install I could get. When it came, it didn't disappoint. Until, I noticed the first dent. Then, another. And, another. It seems that the aluminium shell isn't very tough - despite how it looks. I … [Read more...]

Plug Bug 2-in-1 Charger Gadget for iPad/Macbook [REVIEW]

You are probably already aware that MacBook power adapters have detachable plugs. For instance, when you are travelling the world, you can use the worldwide adapter kit to slide on different plugs to fit different wall sockets. The Plug Bug takes advantage of this to slide onto the top of your MacBook adapter in order to give you a pair of foldable US power prongs AND a 10 … [Read more...]

Second Skin for your Scratch-tastic MacBook Air

Now that you've got yourself a shiny new MacBook Air, you're going to start fussing over it like an old hen - especially, when it comes to scratching. That aluminium body just loves to get lacerated everywhere it goes. And Jobs and Co just don't seem to be particularly fussed when it comes to wear-and-tear. They'd rather produce something that looks amazing when it's pristine … [Read more...]

Freitag Macbook Air Sleeve [REVIEW]

I'm a big fan of the Freitag products. They are eco-friendly, hard-wearing and their distressed look carries cachet for the ubercool Urban Nomad. I paid homage to the brand at a recent visit to Zurich by popping into their flagship store. Rows upon rows of portable bag candy... I was in heaven. After spending far too long browsing, I went for this yellow Freitag Macbook … [Read more...]

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