Retina MacBook Pro Dents and Scratches Easily

I received my new Retina MacBook Pro last month. I couldn't wait. It was all sup'd- up with a 750GB internal Flash drive, the highest clocked processor and the biggest RAM install I could get. When it came, it didn't disappoint. Until, I noticed the first dent. Then, another. And, another. It seems that the aluminium shell isn't very tough - despite how it looks. I … [Read more...]

Battle of the iPad Keyboards – Logitech Ultrathin & Zagg compared [Review]

When it comes to iPad keyboards, I just can't get enough of them. I currently own five different models. Each has its own idiosyncrasies. And, yet, I still have not found the perfect balance of weight, layout and functionality. Nevertheless, things are definitely getting better. My most recent acquisitions were two from Logitech: the Ultrathin (for iPad 3) and the Fold-Up … [Read more...]

Octava HDMI + IR HDMI over CAT 5/6 Extender [REVIEW]

The problem with writing reviews about products you love is that you can jinx them. At least that's what I discovered after covering the CYP Puma PU-106/107. I had used a pair of these to run HDMI video over a single CAT6 cable. However, after six weeks they died on me. I bought the CYP 108 and, then, after a couple of months, it died on me, too. So, suffice to say, I think … [Read more...]

Is this the Smallest USB Flash Storage Device? Freecom DataBar XXS [REVIEW]

As much as I love living in the cloud, there are those inevitable moments when you need to move a large file between two machines - aka 'SneakerNet'. Having a USB Flash Memory device on demand is great. I've been a big fan of the LaCie Iamakey. It fits on your keychain and even looks like a key! So, it's always there whenever you need it. But, in my never-ending quest to … [Read more...]

Freecom SilverStore2 NAS – Network Attached Storage Device [REVIEW]

I've been a major fan of ReadNAS for many years now, so when I received this demo unit from Freecom - The SilverStore2- I knew it had a lot to live up to. Rather than give you a long and drawn out review like so many other people do, let me try to keep this short and sweet. Build-Quality The Silverstore is well-built. It feels solid and the plastic parts are durable. The … [Read more...]

iPad HardDrives [REVIEW] – Hyperdrive vs. Wi-Drive

[May 2012 UPDATE: Check out the Airstash - our current favourite!] There are a number of hard drive for iPad solutions in the market, notably the Hypershop Hyperdrive, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite and the Kingston Wi-Drive. In this article, we take a look at two iPad harddrives: the Hyperdrive and the Wi-Drive and find ourselves preferring the Wi-Drive. Before the … [Read more...]

Forget Red Bull – This low calorie energy drink without caffeine kicks some serious backside! [REVIEW]

When I lived in Japan - long before Red Bull came along - I used to stand in line with the salarymen every morning at the drinks machine on the station platform and hammer home an energy drink. They came in wonderfully small screw cap bottles and had a semi-official medical look to them punctuated by tall claims and colourful graphics. The truth is, Japan has been in the … [Read more...]

Freecom Mobile Mg USB 3.0 Hard Disk Drive [REVIEW]

USB 3.0 External Hard Drives are starting to pop up more and more now that Microsoft and others are standardising on the USB 3.0 Hard Drive interface. Here's a really slick looking drive from Freecom (Mobile Mg) that comes in a magnesium case echoing the style of a MacBook. Not only does it have a USB 3.0 hard drive interface but it feels feather-weight in your hands. Here's … [Read more...]

AVPlayerHD – Play Any Video on your iPad [REVIEW]

Apple likes to keep things simple, right? "It just works..." - That was Steve Jobs' mantra at the last MacExpo. Unfortunately, simple is not always equal to "convenient". For instance, take video. It's really annoying that the iOS only supports a limited type of video file formats. Everything that you want to play on your iPad or iPhone has to be just so...correct codec... … [Read more...]

Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder [REVIEW]

Before I ground my own coffee, I used to assume it was a nuisance; an extra step between me and my caffeine that I didn't need. I went for convenience, bought my coffee pre-ground and stored it in the fridge. Since then, I've learnt the error of my ways. Storing whole beans is a whole lot easier. They can happily keep for a couple of months (or more, probably, but I usually … [Read more...]

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