PogoPlug Mobile – Another Personal Cloud Server Service

2012 is going to be "Year of The Cloud", no doubt about it. First, there was great hoohaw made by Apple's announcement of iCloud earlier in the year. This was then followed by a number of products and services that offered 'private' cloud storage services - one of which we just blogged about last week: Netgear N600 Router - Personal Cloud Server with its "ReadySHARE Cloud … [Read more...]

AVPlayerHD – Play Any Video on your iPad [REVIEW]

Apple likes to keep things simple, right? "It just works..." - That was Steve Jobs' mantra at the last MacExpo. Unfortunately, simple is not always equal to "convenient". For instance, take video. It's really annoying that the iOS only supports a limited type of video file formats. Everything that you want to play on your iPad or iPhone has to be just so...correct codec... … [Read more...]

Luxe City Guides – Hip & Savvy [REVIEW]

I've been using the Luxe City Guides for several years now. They are hip and savvy, full of insider tips, travel intelligence and great suggestions for aesthetes like myself who enjoy the finer things in life. These are an Urban Nomad's best friend. However, they are not for 'Tourists'... but that's why I like them ;) I say this because they don't have glossy photos, maps … [Read more...]

iA Writer App Redefines Word Processing [REVIEW]

[July 2011 Update: iaWriter is now available for MacOS! This means that - combined with Dropbox - you can edit the same iaWriter files on both your Mac and your iPad/iPhone without conflicts] I wouldn't say that iA Writer is revolutionary but I would say that it does a good job of reinvigorating the word processor for the iPad. Since Microsoft Word became the defacto … [Read more...]

Global Roaming SIM Card – TruPhone [REVIEW]

[UPDATE: March 2012 When this article was first written, Truphone had a great and revolutionary product. Since then, we have cancelled our account with Tru, as their service has deteriorated and their costs have risen. In addition, we have received feedback from readers of this blog - some of which you'll see in the comments below - that suggest we are not alone in feeling this … [Read more...]

Evernote – capture anything and take it anywhere [REVIEW]

Evernote is difficult to qualify. According to the company, they want to be the "Global platform for human memory."  - hence the elephant head in the logo. Well, that sounds like serious stuff. Luckily, that is what it does. The software is easy to use but at times can be confusing. We are recommending it, however, because it provides the best multimedia, content synchronising … [Read more...]

Instapaper – clip Web pages and take them anywhere [REVIEW]

Instapaper for the iPhone is indispensable. Instapaper for the iPad is critical. Instapaper is an App for clipping web pages while you are on the go. Unlike bookmarks (in a browser), Instapaper actually saves the content of the page (sometimes without ads and annoying flash content), so that you can read the page when you are offline (not connected to the Internet). It's … [Read more...]

Overplay iPad and iPhone – break geolocation restrictions and Catch-Up TV

Imagine you are travelling abroad and you want to watch some catch up TV. You fire up your laptop, iPad or smartphone - only to discover that it's not available for replay in your area. You might be an American abroad who wants to watch ABC, Hulu content, iTunes, or something from your Netflix queue. Or, perhaps, you are a Brit somewhere else in Europe who wants to watch the … [Read more...]

British Airways iPhone Boarding Pass

British Airways has recently started accepting iPhone boarding passes. All you have to do is make sure that you have the latest BA iPhone app. You can then use the app (or the Web) to check-in online and have your boarding pass downloaded to your iPhone. On the iPhone, you will find the boarding passes listed under each flight itinerary. Open up the pass and you will see a … [Read more...]

Withings WiFi body scale with iPhone App – track your weight from anywhere

WiFi Body scales for tracking your weight and managing weight loss are becoming all the craze. You weigh yourself and the scale posts your weight and BMI data to an Internet site (password protected, of course) over your home WiFi connection. This one from Withings is really slick and even comes with an iPhone app called WiScale. Good for the weight conscious and control … [Read more...]

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